On the turn of the tide

Every day I have to look my family in the face and pretend that their support of Trump is normal, is just an opinion, is another day that I’m lying to them, to myself, and to every person these policies affect.

Y’all made a stupid, selfish, fear induced decision that you think has justification because we have to do this every four years. You are wrong. I will not forget. People of color will not forget. Immigrants will not forget. The LGBT+ community will not forget. Your Muslim neighbors will not forget.

When the time comes to dismantle this horseshit charade and we’re all paying dearly in taxes and resources and fractured community relations, we will pick up and rebuild every tie and commonality that’s been lost, and we’ll all do it together.

Just don’t think that means people don’t know where your heart is. What no one can get back is the veil of “tolerance” they pretended to hide under. You’ve come out into the light to support a bigot because he feeds the anxieties in your most secret heart, and your abandon of your neighbor will always be felt.

I feel really sorry for you and what you’ve been made to believe, and I can’t wait to talk to you when you’re ready.

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