abruptly yours, you’re always mine

keep me quiet with nothing to lose,
i am constantly the shadow that follows you and keeps you company

stay silent stay still,
the do not disturb mentality is scrawled all over your nonchalant mannerisms.

i am not the enemy,
i am simply the secret keeper you mistrusted too late.
and today here we are, with every inch of you still sitting,
trembling in my palm.

today isn’t quite like yesterday,
i don’t wear my hair the same way and your smile’s not as crooked.
today isn’t quite like yesterday,
because today will never see me in a shadow.

i will beat my feet on solid ground because i will not be shaken;
there is no tremble or murmur or mercy here:
we lovers melt to fighters like wicked witches in the rain.

and i will go down swinging,
knowing in my heart of hearts exactly how this is going to endĀ 

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