My context for right and wrong cannot come from any other example but my own;
I have learned through my environment, my peers, my mentors, and my experiences, but the personal skew of my own moral bell curve is what guides the light towards and away from my shades of grey.

I am searching in the blurred lines of my own reason, the fault lines and boundary lines of where my priorities overlap (more like collide) and I must find a line in the graph paper to toe.

What i’m trying to say is, because any other person’s situation cannot be exactly similar, any other person may find wrong in my right, purple in my pink.
There is obviously the black and white of the clearly good and bad: like murder and popsicles. That doesn’t mean though, that there is a clear cut answer to every dilemma. Even popsicles melt messy.

I find myself trying to apply other people’s reasoning to my own mistakes, judgment calls, decisions, or reactions, and I simultaneously catch myself and clear my head of these preconceived notions of morality: I do not care what you think is wrong or right, because if I don’t define my own rights and wrongs, I will make the mistake of living by and for someone else. It’s like trying to meditate and constantly get distracted, but it’s come to be that I find myself becoming distracted, polluted, with Other ideas and reasoning. I am starting not to trust any instinct but my own, and learning that in a self sufficient, competent world, there should be no other way.

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