On bullying and the loneliness

If there was one thing I could share with everyone, ironically, it would be the perfect simplicity of our sameness. Our common bond of being human, of sometimes being afraid, of sometimes being awful, of always wanting love.

Those we ostracize and leave out, sometimes thoughtlessly and sometimes with malice or fear, even those on the fringes know it deep down, that we are the same and need all the same things. That’s probably what makes it hurt more, being singled out or left out of social groups or events, to know that you’ve been left out for something small and menial when all the real things about us, all the guts and hurts and joys, those real things we all have in common. 

I want so badly to reach out into this ether and use this sameness to find you all, to wrap you up and bring us all in. I want it so badly, the sameness to bring our boiling down to a simmer., to give us just one same moment to reevaluate where we stand and how alone we really are if we all share that aloneness.

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