Traveling young and unstoppable

It’s booked! My September girls’ getaway is booked and I am anxiously awaiting the day we arrive to our little rented apartment in Athens until reality calls us back. Planning this trip has also made me look back through my other travel experiences and made me realize that this is what I know, this is what I am passionate about. In turn, I realize that I may have some valuable advice about those trips, about those trains, about those countries. My asks are open and I am taking any travel questions that you may have! Regions I am familiar with include India/Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and parts of Europe. Also in the United States, ask me about the Pacific Northwest and most of the Western states! These questions would be region-specific, but if you have any questions regarding travel or bookings in general I’m more than happy to help.

In the wake of the earthquake in Nepal, I have also come to realize how important it is to make connections in those places and to maintain them. I made many friends in my time in Kathmandu and Pokhara and, while it devastates me not knowing how they and their families have fared in this time, I realize that my ability to travel and have these new experiences also comes with a kind of responsibility to the people you meet when you enter a culture of wanderers: You keep in touch with each other, you ask after each other, because their kite strings are already hard enough to hold down and everyone needs anchoring. Every adventure has shrunk my world for me, and made people I never met or understood as real as myself for me. This is the value in travel, it is the vastly deeper understanding you will have for people and the places they call home so far from where you are home. The adventure sings out from my bones when I know I’m leaving somewhere soon, and I want to help everyone hear that in their own footsteps. Ask me! Tell me! Share with me!

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