On wholeness

Arabs have lots of sayings and traditions based around keeping evil away, lots of sayings to prolong the good and shun off catastrophe, illness, or the evil eye of your neighbor’s envy. B'eed alshar ‘anak basically translates to “may this evil always be far from you” and is tagged onto the end of any conversation… Continue reading On wholeness

On parent problems and how you can’t escape them

I find myself baffled in my defeat, having stayed on guard and defensive for all possible sorts of daddy issued dilemmas, only to be blindsided by a plethora of ideas I hadn’t even considered.  Having worked my hardest to find balance against common themes of insecurity and the compensation of male validation in my teenage… Continue reading On parent problems and how you can’t escape them

On parents

The mortality and death of one, instantly highlights the limitations and finality of the other. My mother’s actions and presence are a constant taunting reminder of the way time passes unnoticed and one day will sweep her away into memory. Her mothering is ever present in the lacking space of my fathering, and it puffs… Continue reading On parents