On speaking easy… into magic

One of the hardest things to emphasize to my kids when I have them, is how amazed they should be at the connectedness of our world. I REALLY don’t want to walk around always saying, “IT WAS NEVER LIKE THIS WHEN I WAS YOUR AGE!” but I really want them to have a wonder and appreciation for what we’ve accomplished in communication.

I know for those of you whose family has always been around this might seem redundant, but I remember moving to Jordan when I was 12 and getting that first international call from Sacramento, and listening to my cousins while I thought to myself, “They still exist. They’re really on the other end of this line,” and feeling infinitely less lonely.

Watching my mom today, very easily pull up her sisters and mother to chat with any time she feels like, whether they’re a few states away or in the Middle East, knowing that when she was little she made dolls out of sticks and is sitting here today with a magic little square that ties her to our whole family no matter where we wander, it’s honestly too much for me sometimes. Tears for humanity, I’m so proud of you.

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