On speaking easy

People who complain about words like ratchet reappearing in the lexicon with a different meaning just don’t care or know how language works. It’s taken me a long time to be able to accept this idea, but words do not control our world. We make our words! We give them all the power they have. 
A word like ratchet, which in its intended use is either a tool or used as a verb, i.e. to ratchet something up, to patch a solution, almost to improvise, isn’t really that far of a jump to its use as a noun. A modern day ratchet isn’t really very far from the idea of ratcheting something together: a ratchet is usually improvising a solution with creative and often preposterous ideas. Obviously the more apparent descriptor is that a ratchet is usually just a hot  mess doing way too much to be a hotter, messier mess, but either way, the evolution of language is inevitable, and words like ratchet will continue to emerge. The words we’ve had in the past are after all, building blocks of communication. The liberation in being able to take them apart and manipulate them should make you ecstatic! Don’t begrudge people the evolution of their language.

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