Allow me to reintroduce myself:

Thanks for joining me!

In an attempt to create a professional platform for myself with Danna Travels, I think I may have taken away my main personal platform! Join me here to go over books, local (Sacramento) events, and to talk about my stories and other projects, separately from the wanderlust and travel.

While I have plenty of social media presence, I don’t know if I have a real introduction that describes who I am, why I’m doing this, or what I want out of it, and I do think it always helps solidify your path to write it out.

I want to commit to writing more not for the sake of writing, but because I owe it to myself to commit to what I love, to be a steward of my passions and to cultivate habits that help me always grow. Hopefully, I stay brave enough to stay open enough, to write as much as I should.

More important than my own ambitions, are the support systems that make my pursuits possible, like my family, and my husband. I’m married to an incredibly talented artist who makes me laugh and makes the best risotto I’ve ever had, anywhere, Tuscany included.  We record a podcast together called Weird Vibes that gives us a space to discuss our mutual passions, like sci-fi, movies, art, social movements, and generally weird incidents of culture. We also partner together for Pot Heads, a collaboration of his painted creatures on my potted succulent propagations, which you can see on the Cat Guts Instagram!

Other than that, I occasionally freelance, write travel stories, and run Danna Travels as a travel service and blog. I’m looking forward to mapping out more of my goals and giving substance to a lot of potential projects by writing about them here. I’ll also be using this blog to recommend, review, and complain about things I care about. This includes links to my professional work, reviews, mental health, my experiences as an immigrant, gardening succulents, pet care opinions, curly hair recommendations, and whatever else we may find along the way. For my hair and beauty reviews, you can find me on Instagram @spiralsand_sass.

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