On civility

We moved to the city blocks
To cut back the wild just enough,
We trimmed it back,
killed all its lively-like stuff.

We moved to utopia and cut it into squares,
We sucked down its rivers;
Molded the mountains into mall stairs.

We cut the valleys and hills
into yours and mine,
We raked down from the cliffs
all the flowering vines.

We cut back the wild just enough:
Dulled the cliff’s edge over the river,
Claiming aesthetics and safety
we combed down the bluffs.

Here now in thin air and grey sky,
We miss the leaves,
the branches they stood by.

Here now in a plastic voting booth,
I want for the wild,
An unknown hurt like a hole for a tooth:
I am a gappy smiling child
Who knows one day
there must be more to chew.

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